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TV interview with the OTV

The Lebanese OTV channel had a special interview with the composer Joseph Karam & the conductor Samer Hatoum in Beirut which talked about the new musical album which they collaborated to make it


Orchestra music by Sarah Ann Wagner from USA

Request is the first music by the American young composer Sarah Ann Wagner which was fully orchestrated by Samer Hatoum for Piano & Orchestra and was accepted to pass to the competition by Minnessota State Orchestra in 2018.

Interview with the Lebanese TV

Interview with the Lebanese TV -OTV- with the Lebanese oriental composer Joseph Karam & maestro Samer Hatoum

Journey (Meshwar)

Journey or Meshwar in Arabic is the title of the work composed by the legendary Nai player Joseph Karam which is structured on many keys and scales going through a journey and fully orchestrated by the conductor Samer Hatoum.


Joseph Karam is a Lebanese legendary Nai player, oriented and rooted in the oriental music.


Tarzanween (Oriental Scale)

Tarzanween is one of the oldest musical scales which came from the Middle East. This scale is not in use in music in our time which gave the great opportunity for Joseph Karam the ( Nai player, composer ) to work in collaboration with the composer and conductor Samer Hatoum to orchestrate this Tarzanween for the Oboe,Piano & strings in the European style to connect the East with the West.