German Young Film Composer Deniz Inan

The German composer Deniz Inan started to publish his first compositions in 2010. His first compositions included 7 neo-romantic pieces for piano solo.


In the following Inan published 3 more albums. His second album Kayo’s Journey included two orchestra works.  In 2013 his second album Kayo’s Journey (10 piecse for piano and 2 for symphony orchestra) was published as a DVD which was recorded with the conductor Dong Kien Cuong and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Saigon Vietnam.


In 2015 Inan started to compose chamber music and film music with the focus on violin, cello, flute and piano.  In 2015 he started his collaboration with English flutist Lynsey Blair and formed the Duet FLUTIANO who performed concerts in England and Germany. End of 2015 Inan took the position of a member of the cultural department of the city of Rüthen, Germany and organizes chamber music concerts on regular bases.


In 2016 Inan joined maestro Samer Hatoum and the project “The Stars of Tomorrow”, which recorded his orchestra pieces with a philharmonic orchestra in Romania.


Beginning of 2017 many musicians came together and built a platform called “Deniz Inan & Friends”, which helps young musicians to present their music and their art. In February 2017 Inan published his latest orchestra compositions in collaboration with maestro Hatoum.    


Deniz Inan had four compositions fully orchestrated by maestro Hatoum for piano & string orchestra since 2016 which the concert pianist Ioana Lupascu played and more film music is in process using his themes.