Services Pricing

Score Arranging, Orchestration, Transcription


The price is determined by:

  • the density of notation on the page (number of system)
  • the complexity of the music score
  • the quantity of standard symbols (fingering, articulation, dynamics, etc.)
  • special symbols (non-standard symbols requiring production)
  • text and lyrics
  • the readability of the supplied handwritten score


 Job type    Price per minute   Hight density extra cost 
 Single melody line    €30  €5
 Two staff single lines or Guitar polyphonic    €45  €5
 Vocal melody with chord symbols   €40  €5
 Piano score average density    €50  €5
 Piano plus solo instrument    €80  €5
 Trio Ensemble    €65  €5
 Quartet Ensemble    €85  €5
 Vocal /4 rythms/3 other instruments    €90  €5
 Big band / Marching band   €125  €5
 Symphony Orchestra   €125  €5
 Symphony Orchestra with Choir    €175  €5
 Piano reduction from any Ensemble  To be discussed  
 Piano reduction from full orchestra score   To be discussed  
 Score expansion from piano to any ensemble(s)    To be discussed  


We also do studio recording with chamber orchestra and full orchetsra depending on your need and budget.

We do mix & master in Berlin, for Arabic music and songs we do the mix & master in Beirut 


I'm welcome discussion regaridng the cost depending on the total number of minutes required, I do require %50 upfront and %50 upon the completion of the job.

Please contact me for any questions.