Kevork Andonian, Composer

Samer Hatoum's dedication to promote emerging composers such as myself is exemplary, as is his musicality while conducting.  He is very proactive in organizing and publicizing musical events, and eager to getting performers and composers together for concerts throughout Europe and elsewhere.  I look forward to a long and fruitful artistic collaboration with him.

-- Kevork Andonian

Ioana Maria Lupascu, concert pianist



I constantly work with Samer Hatoum since 2012 and i've played his original composition as well as his orchestrations în various concerts. I am particular fond of his composition for cello and piano, which i had the pleasure to play often, especially because i apreciate the beauty of his works.

I also loved Samer Hatoum's orchestration for the famous arabic Kalemat for piano, horn and orchestra. This work had great success and i was delighted to play it as i loved it since the first time i heard it and this Joy grew with every rehearsal day.

His works are enjoyable both for public and musician, and that makes them special for every kind of musical concert!

حسانه سقباني

صحفية سورية
مدونة وطن esyria 


المايسترو سامر حاطوم أيقونة موسيقية ساحرة، تبهر كل من سمعها ليبحر في عالم آخر ، أشعر عند سماع ألحانه بمزيج رائع من التأثيرات الداخلية، إنسان رائع بكل ماتعنيه الكلمة من معنى، يجمع الإنسانية والصدق والإبداع، كان لي شرف تعاون معه بأكثر من مجال، وكان تعاون ناحج بكل المقاييس، فأثناء بحثي عن موضوع العلاج بالموسيقى، كان مرجع موسيقي شامل، ووجدت لديه معزوفات خاصة لها تأثيرات نفسية رائعة، يستطيع نقل مالديه وإيصاله بشفافية وإحساس راقي،ونحن في الإعلام العربي نفتخر به ونتمنى له مزيدا من التألق و النجاح..