Lebanese Arabic Oriental Orchestra

The Lebanese Arabic Oriental Orchestra was established by Dr.Walid Gholmieh in 2000, he was the president of the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music and the principle conductor of this orchestra


The orchestra presented many concerts since it's establishment such as:

  • Al Bustan International Festival
  • International Music Festival ADMAF in Dubai
  • and many more


The Lebanese Arabic Oriental Orchestra started developing it's style and standard through the leadership of Andre Hajj who is a former Aoud player and teacher in the National Higher Conservatory and took over the podium upon the death of it's establisher Dr. Gholmieh.


Andre Hajj is the new generation who stood on the podium to carry the orchestra through the transformation between the past of the traditional to the present the regional by embracing new names of composers and conductors to be his guests to upgrade the orchestra to become a classical in some way combined with the orient.


Maestro Andre Hajj at the present time brought the orchestra reputation to the Arab world's attention to become the attractive destination for many known composers and conductors to be guests throughout it's concerts during the year.


Composer, orchestrator & conductor Samer Hatoum had the privilege to be this orchestra guest in December 21st , 2016 by presenting some works of his composition and orchestration for Arabic classical repertoire.


Here are demos from the orchestra: