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LOO rehearsal for Asaluk Al Rahela

Excerpt from the rehearsal with the Lebaense Oriental Orchestra in Beirut-Lebanon conducted by Maestro Andre El Hajj which presented music by Muhammad Abdel Wahab from Egypt and fully orchestrated by Samer Hatoum


Collaboration with Composer Isabella Lin ( Taiwan )

Garden of Mirrors is a new composition by Isabella Lin which was orchestrated and conducted by Maestro Samer Hatoum in Budapest.
Garden of Mirrors was premiered for the first time in Europe.
More about Isabella:

Isabella Lin (Pei-ying) was born in Taiwan I-Lan, started studying electric piano at her early age, and studied it on and off, Music enlightenment started around 7th grade, have learnt pop singing and joined the choir.

Read more: Collaboration with Composer Isabella Lin ( Taiwan )

"Hope" video by Ola Babakerd-juman Agha

This video is the second work with the artist Ola Juman Agha after achieving the success from the first work.


Hope is composed and orchestrated by Samer  Hatoum


Ana Albi Dalili Montage by Ola Babakerd-juman Agha

This  video  is  the   first  step  of  cooperation  with  the  artist  and   video  producer  Ola  Babakerd-juman  Agha 


TV Interview with Alina, Actualitatea Irl

I was last week interviewed by Alina with the Alina-Madalina Zuzu Stan with the Actualitatea Irl TV station. You can see the whole interview below.