Samer Hatoum Biography

Lebanese violinist, composer, orchestrator, and conductor.

Studied music in the National Conservatory of Lebanon in Beirut.


Played with well known artists such as:


Ihsan El Mounzer   composer,pianist,arranger
Saber El Roubaai   singer
Mayez El Bayyaa   singer
Aasi El Hellani   singer
Najwa Karm   singer
George Wassuf   singer
Dani Bustros   dancer


...and many others through festivals and concerts led by the composer and pianist Ihsan El Mounzer.


My tracks which were recorded with El Mounzer Super Sound in Beirut with the Lebanese-Italian composer and pianist Ihsan El Mounzer were led by the concert master Michelle Kheirellah the principle and concert violinist with the Lebanese Philharmonic.


Moved to Ireland where I joined the Royal Irish Academy of Music for composition courses under the instructions of the Irish composer and professor Kevin Connolly.


I study privately with Tom Lane,master in harmony and orchestration from Oxford and Berlin universities.


I passed a masterclass in orchestra conducting with the MAV orchestra in Budapest led by the Hungarian conductor and professor Ilona Mesko. Professor Ilona Mesko  is a well known conductor and lecturer in Hungary and established a symphony orchestra. More information about her skills are available at


I orchestrate the Arabic classical music repertoire to be performed by European chamber and symphony orchestras to be declared at the mean time. My recent cooperation with the Romanian concert pianist Ioana Lupascu (  who performs as soloist with the Ploiesti Philharmonic among other philharmonics in Europe has been flourishing with great success. Professor and concert pianist Ioana Lupascu is performing my Arabic orchestrated repertoire amazingly by adding her professional technique colour which will develop a new cooperation between the oriental classical mood with the European standard.


I welcome and will cooperate with any concert musician in the world who will be willing to work with me to enhance our musical skills.