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Polish Soprano Singer Dominika Zamara

Dominika Zamara  was born in Wrocław ( Poland ) In 2007 she had honours degree on Karol Lipinski Musical, academy in Wroclaw (vocal faculty).


Her professor was Barbara Ewa Werner. She received the one year lasting scholarship in the Italian Musical Conservatory in Verona, educated her voice in Italy at masters of bel-canto art such as: Bruno Pola, Alida Ferrarini, Mirella Freni, Alessandra Althoff-Pugliese. She works with numerous artistic agencies in Europe and the United States of America among them is


She sang in The National Theater in Montenegro, concerts with the symphony orchestra of Italian conductor Maestro Enrico De Mori concerts in Rome at Teatro Orione.

performed the tour in the United States together with the classical guitarist Stanley Alexandrowicz. She sang opera arias in the arrangement on spanish guitar and the contemporary music in New York, Boston, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, Princeton and Baltimore. She sang arias of Puccini in Dallas (Texas U.S.A.) with the symphony orchestra in the CICA Music Festival.


Soprano Dominika Zamara collaborated for the first time with Maestro Samer Hatoum by singing Arias for Mozart and a song called Addio composed by the legend composer and conductor Robert Butts from the United States of America which she sang with the Ploeisti Philharmonic Orchestra being the first guest with the program the Stars of Tomorrow which was established and run by maestro Samer Hatoum


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9 year old Rising Violin Solo Antonio Piculeata

Antonio Nicholas Piculeata is an  American 9 year old boy from Romanian musical family, was born in New York.He started his musical studies at the age of 6.


His talent and skills of interpretations resulted in winning competitions as:

  • National Competition Tinere Talente 2015, 1st prize
  • National Contest ( Victor Giuleanu ) 2015 2nd place
  • International Contest ( Paul Polidor ) 2015 & 2016 1st place


The 9 year old Antonio was the first rising star for solo violin guest hosted by maestro Samer Hatoum to play meditation music composed by  Massenet with the Ploeisti Philharmonic Orchestra strings, accompanied by the concert pianist Ioana Lupascu and conducted by Samer Hatoum


LOO rehearsal with the piano for Farid Al Atrash music

Excerpt from the rehearsal with the Lebanese Oriental Orchestra conducted by Maestro Andre El Haj in Beirut-Lebanon to perform music by Farid El Atrash and orchestrated by Samer Hatoum.


LOO rehearsal for Hope music

Excerpt from the rehearsal with the Lebanese Oriental Orchestra conducted my Maestro Andre El Hajj which performed music called Hope composed by Samer Hatoum


LOO concert with Ihsan Al Mounzer music

Excerpt from the concert with the Lebanese Oriental Orchestra conducted by Maestro Andre El Hajj in Beirut-Lebanon which performed music by the composer Ihsan Al Mounzer and fully orchestrated by Samer Hatoum called the Introduction