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Maestro Samer Hatoum

A couple of pictures of Maestro Samer Hatoum conducting during a rehearsal


maestro samer haroum conducting 2maestro samer haroum conducting 1

Composer Deniz Inan - Germany

samerhatoum denizinan pictureScoring and orchestration collaboration with the German composer Deniz Inan took a new direction to bring his compositions to the next level to be performed by a professional symphony orchestra in Romania conducted by Maestro Samer Hatoum


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Noel Music Management ( NMM )

noelmm logo whiteSamer Hatoum is a member with Noel Music Management in the conductors list.

Noel Music Management is a successful music management company directed by Tremaine Richard Noel and  based in central London and has offices in New York - Berlin - Tokyo & Beijing


For any request for conducting ensembles, symphony orchestra in Europe and the United States contact NMM at Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Piano Recital in Hamburg

samerhatoum laeiszhalle hamburgThe Laeiszhalle/ Kleiner Saal in Hamburg welcomes the audience and fans of classical music in Hamburg city to enjoy a classical  evening with the concert pianist Ioana Maria Lupascu who will perform a piano recital on February 19, 2016.


This event will be resceduled for a later date.

This piano recital is the result of the musical collaboration and achievement between the pianist Ioana Maria Lupascu who has performed with many symphony orchestras in Europe and had a successful collaboration with the conductor, composer and orchestrator  Samer Hatoum with the Ploeisti Philharmonic Orchestra.


This piano recital ( Piano Jewels ) is meant to bring the classical music concert fans and the  new generation together and to encourage young people to learn more about piano musical abilities.

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Danube Symphony Orchestra

Danube Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with the conductor Samer Hatoum recently performed a rehearsal recording session in Budapest-Hungary with the participation of the new music composers:



We also collaborated with the Hungarian pianist Petra Kiss Read More about Petra


Maestro Samer Hatoum has opened the collaboration with the Danube Symphony Orchestra to support new composers from all over the world to perform their compositions in a professional rehearsal session recorded and he is in full assistance to the composers to get the music performed to the high quality to be ready for exposure and concerts.

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