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Danube Symphony Orchestra

New collaboration is taking place in conducting the Danube Symphony Orchestra.


Samer Hatoum will conduct the Danube Symphony Orchestra in a recording session to perform new compositions for the following composers:

Sandro Masoni        Italy
Kevork Andonian     Los Angeles ( United States of America )
Glenn Llorente         Los Angeles ( United States of America )


The Danube Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1961 and performed in Switzerland, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Italy.
The Orchestra was the practice orchestra of the Liszt Music Academy's conducting department, nowadays they play in the auditions of conductors, who apply for the University.

The orchestra is one of the founder member of the Association of Hungarian Symphony Orchestras.The orchestra won the Elgar society's prize and the Pro-Civibus award from the City of Budapest.

More information will be available about the orchestra and the composers with their new compositions here.