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Article by Hasana Sakbani, Journalist

Here is the article journalist Hasana Sakbani recently wrote about composer & conductor Samer Hatoum:


Samer Hatoum......... the cheerful music is better than the medicine for the unhealthy imagination.

An international music maker, enriched the Lebanese oriental music until he his own fingerprint as well as he shared in compositing music specialised for music therapy, has many music works with Arab and international composers, his last composition is called Hope which he meant to engage the oriental music with the classical music which was presented by the Lebanese Oriental Orchestra
We had to meet with maestro Samer Hatoum in order to know more details about his work and life as he told his birth and beginning.

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Operatic Collaboration

Dominika Zamara photoA new collaboration has been achieved for a musical journey between maestro Samer Hatoum and the highly talented Soprano Opera singer Dominika Zamara.


Dominika Zamara is a Polish born and Italian based Opera singer with a long history of musical education and public opera singing experience with remarkable names among conductors and orchestras across the world.


Click here to go to Domoinka's website and read more about Opera Soprano Dominika Zamara.

Maestro Samer Hatoum

A couple of pictures of Maestro Samer Hatoum conducting during a rehearsal


maestro samer haroum conducting 2maestro samer haroum conducting 1

Composer Deniz Inan - Germany

samerhatoum denizinan pictureScoring and orchestration collaboration with the German composer Deniz Inan took a new direction to bring his compositions to the next level to be performed by a professional symphony orchestra in Romania conducted by Maestro Samer Hatoum


More on the story is in the following link:

Noel Music Management ( NMM )

noelmm logo whiteSamer Hatoum is a member with Noel Music Management in the conductors list.

Noel Music Management is a successful music management company directed by Tremaine Richard Noel and  based in central London and has offices in New York - Berlin - Tokyo & Beijing


For any request for conducting ensembles, symphony orchestra in Europe and the United States contact NMM at Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.