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Article in the Jabalna Magazine


Faces from our home – Jabalna Magazine
I carry the original and supreme art of Lebanon , the rich in it’s melody, to present it to the world with western technique and skills. This how the music composer, violinist and orchestra conductor Samer Hatoum who Immigrated to Ireland used these words briefly to describe the fourteen years of being away from Lebanon towards achieving his goals one after the other as the proverb tells: The king is the man who walks with confidence :

Samer Hatoum comes from a town called Kfarselwan, studied the classical violin for five years in the National Conservatory of Lebanon in Beirut and played with many concerts and festivals with the Lebanese music composer and pianist Ihsan Al Mounzer.

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Jabalna Magazine


Here is an article in Arabic with Jabalna  Magazine which is based in Philadelphia State in the United States of America and run by the Lebanese artist Fadia Samaan.


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Concert in September




Unfortunately we have had to cancel this concert.


The Piano Trio will perform the following program in Dublin, September 26th  in St Ann's Church


Lettre d.amore                 Paolo  Campanini
Piazzolla Tango
Piano solo Tango etude     Piazzolla
Opera song                      Rachmaninoff
Ave Maria                        Piazolla-Dobrinescu  
Kalemat-Words                Ihsan  Al Mounzer ( orchestration by Samer  Hatoum)



Due in C major                Beethoven
Opera song                     Rachmaninoff
Hope                              Samer Hatoum
Beauty and the Beast       Menken-Dobrinescu
Meditation Thai                Massenet-Dobrinescu
Fire Dance ( piano solo )  Manuel de Falla
Piano solo                       Romanian music
My life                            Samer Hatoum



Ioana Lupascu is the concert pianist whose experience in solo performing overwhelmed philharmonic orchestras in Romania and other countries in Europe through her extraordinary skills and musical expressions. 

samerhatoum-aleka-potinga Aleka Potinga started studying music when she was 5 years old; she had played classical piano for 4 years and at the age of 10, started playing cello. In 2011 she took her degree at “Ciprian Porumbescu” Music University of Bucharest, studying with maestro Marin Cazacu. Through the years Aleka has improved her cello playing working with several important cellists around the world, winning many national and international competitions, playing in youth and professional orchestras and chamber music ensembles.
samerhatoum-polina-bielova Polina Bielova, was born in 1993 in Ukraine,Donetsk. From the very early age was bounded with music and studied piano for 10 years, which were full of competitions and a starting point of her further education. Now she is a student of Vocal Performance course in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow.


Concert tickets can be purchased at the following url:


Music Therapy Session


Dr. Hamda  Farhat, the specialist in psychology and music therapy will run a direct applicable session on the 7th of May at 10.30am in Beirut .


This comes from the necessity of the Music Therapy in the psychological treatment.


Dr. Hamda Farhat will be using the music  compositions of the music composer Samer Hatoum whose music after Dr. Farhat research and usage found it very beneficial and useful for this latest development in her profession.


Samer and Ioana


samer-hatoum-and-ioanaSamer Hatoum and the concert pianist after the concert with the Ploesti Philharmonic in Romania 2013 while playing Kalemat for piano & Horn with orchestra