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Music Therapy Session

Dr. Hamda  Farhat, the specialist in psychology and music therapy will run a direct applicable session on the 7th of May at 10.30am in Beirut .


This comes from the necessity of the Music Therapy in the psychological treatment.


Dr. Hamda Farhat will be using the music  compositions of the music composer Samer Hatoum whose music after Dr. Farhat research and usage found it very beneficial and useful for this latest development in her profession.

Samer and Ioana

samer-hatoum-and-ioanaSamer Hatoum and the concert pianist after the concert with the Ploesti Philharmonic in Romania 2013 while playing Kalemat for piano & Horn with orchestra

Interview reg. Music Therapy

voice-of-lebanon-logoTomorrow, Tuesday 29/04/2014 at 11am local time the Radio station "Voice of Lebanon" in Beirut will broadcast an interview with Dr. Hamda Farhat. Dr. Hamda Farhat is a specialist within psychological treatment and is using music therapy in her sessions. Farhat is holding a PHD from France.


This interview will be highlighting the latest achievement in the music therapy with Dr. Hamda Farhat and her cooperation with the Lebanese music composer and conductor Samer Hatoum.

Certificate from Masterclass

samer-hatoum-certificate-mav-2013Here is the certificate I got for completing the 3rd International Conducting Masterclass with the MAV Symphony Orchestra led by Ilona Mesko.


I attended this Masterclass in Budapest in the period of 21st August - 30 August 2013.



Samer and the MAV orchestra

samer-hatoum-directing-mav-orchestra-400pxHere is a picture of Samer taken in August 2013.


He can here be seen directing the MAV orchestra.