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Danube Symphony Orchestra

New collaboration is taking place in conducting the Danube Symphony Orchestra.


Samer Hatoum will conduct the Danube Symphony Orchestra in a recording session to perform new compositions for the following composers:

Sandro Masoni        Italy
Kevork Andonian     Los Angeles ( United States of America )
Glenn Llorente         Los Angeles ( United States of America )


The Danube Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1961 and performed in Switzerland, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Italy.
The Orchestra was the practice orchestra of the Liszt Music Academy's conducting department, nowadays they play in the auditions of conductors, who apply for the University.

The orchestra is one of the founder member of the Association of Hungarian Symphony Orchestras.The orchestra won the Elgar society's prize and the Pro-Civibus award from the City of Budapest.

More information will be available about the orchestra and the composers with their new compositions here.

Concert violinist Naoko Matsui

A new collaboration has taken into action with the concert violinsit Naoko Matsui.


Matsui is based in Hamburg in Germany and whose performances were successful in Belgium, Germany, Italy and won many prizes in Europe.


Visit Naoko Matsui's website for more information at

Chamber Orchestra Concert ( Lubeck-Germany )

Lubeck hall 1



The Lubeck theater in Germany will welcome with the organizer Ola Juman Agha the Kammer Ochester Lübeck whose musicians gathered from Lubeck and Hamburg to perform a collection of Arabic classical and modern classical music repertoir under the baton of the conductor Samer Hatoum and with the following solosits :


Han-Wen Jennifer Yu        Piano
Naoko Matsui                   Violin




The works are for the following composers :

Abdel Wahab                   Egypt
Baligh Hamdi                   Egypt
Al Kadabji                        Egypt
Ihsan Al Mounzer             Lebanon
Ahmad Raheem               Syria


Samer Hatoum will perform his compositions and will introduce a new composition in his orchestration for a Violin Concerto for the new American composer Sarah Ann Wagner for the first time in Europe and the German composer Boris Kosak.


This concert is to get the musical cultures together from the glorious Middle East music with the American talent in Germany.


Lubeck hall 2Contact the organizer Ola Juman Agha at :


Click on the link below to know about the theater :


Click on the link below to buy the tickets :


Free offer :
The mp3 for Samer Hatoum will be given as a welcome gift to every person who buys the ticket and subscribes in the mailing list


Concert information :
May 16 / 2015
Starts at 8pm sharp

Samer Hatoum represent the Music2Deal in Ireland

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Rappstr. 2
20146 Hamburg - Germany
Directed by Mario Christiani


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Article in the Jabalna Magazine

Faces from our home – Jabalna Magazine
I carry the original and supreme art of Lebanon , the rich in it’s melody, to present it to the world with western technique and skills. This how the music composer, violinist and orchestra conductor Samer Hatoum who Immigrated to Ireland used these words briefly to describe the fourteen years of being away from Lebanon towards achieving his goals one after the other as the proverb tells: The king is the man who walks with confidence :

Samer Hatoum comes from a town called Kfarselwan, studied the classical violin for five years in the National Conservatory of Lebanon in Beirut and played with many concerts and festivals with the Lebanese music composer and pianist Ihsan Al Mounzer.

Read more: Article in the Jabalna Magazine