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My Scores for alternative uses

Dr. Hamda Farhat specialist in Psychopathology and Clinical and music therapy used some music tracks (ROMANCE) in the treatment of drug addicts and in the (Nsroto rehab center) area Zahle.


This was music suitable for treatment has given positive results either method of treatment was focused on 3 main stages of each session the first stage is used (SPRING) and that are intended by the author to express the relationship with the mother and the beloved and emotions , melancholy and nostalgia responded with patients so that the connection with the letter and expressed their relationship with their mothers and also raised their guilt toward addictive because they are in this act they mothers and Dr. Farhat used this method through music influential and exciting for the memories to come out of difficulties and sad memories to reality to see the patient's dry take them away objective through discussion with a therapist while in the second phase they used music light and neutral in order to put the patient in a transitional phase for the last stage and also if the hair patient feelings of certain at this stage discussed with the processor either in the third and final phase of each session music therapy severed active somewhat the rhythm alive and active calls for the patient to open up to the future of any contrary cut first and here comes the patient's state of sadness and state the difficulties and frustration to optimism and thinking positive future projects.


This method multiple directions based on exchanges between the past and the future between memories sad and joyous between negative perceptions of self and others perceptions and positive between aspects of personal and between the person and the other people in the group also can be applied individually has proven therapeutic value , music to composer Samer Hatoum is considered good for the treatment of the music and Dr. Farhat ask the composer to prepare some tracks for other cases such as anxiety, stress and other psychological conditions .