Collaboration with Composer Isabella Lin ( Taiwan )

Garden of Mirrors is a new composition by Isabella Lin which was orchestrated and conducted by Maestro Samer Hatoum in Budapest.
Garden of Mirrors was premiered for the first time in Europe.
More about Isabella:

Isabella Lin (Pei-ying) was born in Taiwan I-Lan, started studying electric piano at her early age, and studied it on and off, Music enlightenment started around 7th grade, have learnt pop singing and joined the choir.


Until 9th grade, participated in the brass band of I-LAN Commercial Vocational Senior High School, served as a principal flute for three years, often take a part of parade in different townships in I-Lan, also practiced with I-Lan High School, Graduation concert was hold in Yi-Lan County Cultural Affairs Bureau

After high school, had more passion in music, constant studying piano, music theory and take flute lessons, got the highest score at music class, although the late enlightenment, but high school music teacher found out that could be more outstanding in theory, encourage that life should move toward to the most difficult musical composition.

Attended two schools, one was Sheng-te Christian College, the other was Christ’s College Taipei, Participated in the flute band and orchestra in Sheng-te Christian College, also early learning Arranger in first year of college
Met mentor teacher Tsai Cheng-tong, then transferred to Christ’s College Taipei where  studied composition for 4 years, because mentor taught selflessly and carefully, so should could achieve outstanding results in composition, about the tonal music, although didn’t find out the final class miracle in life, but delegated the task of developing her tonal music to Maestro Samer Hatoum who has Brilliant achievements and looked forward to the orchestra's premiere which can promote  development the  alternative style of tonal music.

After leaving the Christ’s College Taipei, met mentor teacher Sal Ascolese, overthrown the thinking logic completely, Focused on creative development, and co-authoring with mentor during 2011-2012, and turned over approximately 100 avant-garde music and new music creations, although there was no notation, but because of this training, suddenly feel refreshed, When life comes to this point, What more could I ask for?
As long as we could learn music well, even in different countries, exchange with sincere we still have the opportunity to progress.


Guided by Sal Ascolese changed my self-closing personality completely, and encourage me must make notation to my creation, by communicating ideas and encouraging, attended the 2013 International Song writing Competition in Geneva, had the honor therefore to be acquainted by the Italian Piccolo Master, had written two piccolo music for the Master.