Videos of Work and Collaborations


Lebanese Arabic Oriental Orchestra


The Lebanese Arabic Oriental Orchestra was established by Dr.Walid Gholmieh in 2000, he was the president of the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music and the principle conductor of this orchestra


The orchestra presented many concerts since it's establishment such as:

  • Al Bustan International Festival
  • International Music Festival ADMAF in Dubai
  • and many more


The Lebanese Arabic Oriental Orchestra started developing it's style and standard through the leadership of Andre Hajj who is a former Aoud player and teacher in the National Higher Conservatory and took over the podium upon the death of it's establisher Dr. Gholmieh.


Andre Hajj is the new generation who stood on the podium to carry the orchestra through the transformation between the past of the traditional to the present the regional by embracing new names of composers and conductors to be his guests to upgrade the orchestra to become a classical in some way combined with the orient.


Maestro Andre Hajj at the present time brought the orchestra reputation to the Arab world's attention to become the attractive destination for many known composers and conductors to be guests throughout it's concerts during the year.


Composer, orchestrator & conductor Samer Hatoum had the privilege to be this orchestra guest in December 21st , 2016 by presenting some works of his composition and orchestration for Arabic classical repertoire.


Here are demos from the orchestra:




Australian Young Composer Abraham Naim


The young talented composer Abraham Naim who is not 20 years of age yet and from a Lebanese descendant, studies music and piano in Melbourne-Australia.

Abraham Naim achieved his first collaboration with maestro Samer Hatoum by revising his scores and premiering few compositions under his baton with the Ploesiti Philharmonic Orchestra and was accompanied by the concert pianist Ioana Lupascu on the piano.


This collaboration brought Abraham Naim to Europe through maestro Hatoum to start a new journey beyond Australia.





German Young Film Composer Deniz Inan


The German composer Deniz Inan started to publish his first compositions in 2010. His first compositions included 7 neo-romantic pieces for piano solo.


In the following Inan published 3 more albums. His second album Kayo’s Journey included two orchestra works.  In 2013 his second album Kayo’s Journey (10 piecse for piano and 2 for symphony orchestra) was published as a DVD which was recorded with the conductor Dong Kien Cuong and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Saigon Vietnam.


In 2015 Inan started to compose chamber music and film music with the focus on violin, cello, flute and piano.  In 2015 he started his collaboration with English flutist Lynsey Blair and formed the Duet FLUTIANO who performed concerts in England and Germany. End of 2015 Inan took the position of a member of the cultural department of the city of Rüthen, Germany and organizes chamber music concerts on regular bases.


In 2016 Inan joined maestro Samer Hatoum and the project “The Stars of Tomorrow”, which recorded his orchestra pieces with a philharmonic orchestra in Romania.


Beginning of 2017 many musicians came together and built a platform called “Deniz Inan & Friends”, which helps young musicians to present their music and their art. In February 2017 Inan published his latest orchestra compositions in collaboration with maestro Hatoum.    


Deniz Inan had four compositions fully orchestrated by maestro Hatoum for piano & string orchestra since 2016 which the concert pianist Ioana Lupascu played and more film music is in process using his themes.






Vietnamese American Composer Cuong Manh Nguyen


Violinist and composer Cuong Manh Nguyen/Nguyen Manh Cuong was born in Saigon, Vietnam.


He wrote music for many instruments including the piano, guitar and violin and managed to write his own lyrics for certain works.

Cuong Manh Nguyen  studied privately with Pham Nghe who is one of the best violinists in South Vietnam in 1975 and was able to work with his own uncle Nguyen Chi Trung shortly after that. His music was performed by many famous musicians, vocalists, in shows and recitals. "Simplicity, elegance and clarity in sound form wonderful pieces of music and create a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere full of sublime art."


Currently, Cuong Manh Nguyen shares his compositions on his YouTube channel and the Broadjam website and has a successful collaboration in orchestral performance with the Ploesiti Philharmoinic Orchestra under the baton of maestro Samer Hatoum who orchestrated his composition Serenta for piano & string orchestra in the program The Stars of Tomorrow.


Cuong Manh Nguyen is based in Los Angeles ( United States of America ).
Serenata was premiered conducted by Samer Hatoum & piano solo performed by Ioana Lupascu.



Maltese composer John E. ZammitPace


John E. ZammitPace was born in Malta and started playing the Descant Recorder at age of 9 when he was in primary school.


At 14 he started learning the guitar with Mr. Paul Agius and eventually played in several  Jazz-Rock bands, composing a lot of material while also studying some basics of piano playing.


When he was 20 years of age,  ZammitPace quit Rock music and started studying classical music and orchestration.  He composed 9 Symphonies, 8 String Quartets, and 5 Concertos, but eventually settled for the New Music/ Avant-garde.

To date he composed over 150 works.


John E. ZammitPace had his first music collaboration with maestro Samer Hatoum by presenting his works Atmospheric Gardens & Calm with the Ploesiti Philharmonic Orchestra with the solo violin played by Cosmin Stoica.