Maltese composer John E. ZammitPace

John E. ZammitPace was born in Malta and started playing the Descant Recorder at age of 9 when he was in primary school.


At 14 he started learning the guitar with Mr. Paul Agius and eventually played in several  Jazz-Rock bands, composing a lot of material while also studying some basics of piano playing.


When he was 20 years of age,  ZammitPace quit Rock music and started studying classical music and orchestration.  He composed 9 Symphonies, 8 String Quartets, and 5 Concertos, but eventually settled for the New Music/ Avant-garde.

To date he composed over 150 works.


John E. ZammitPace had his first music collaboration with maestro Samer Hatoum by presenting his works Atmospheric Gardens & Calm with the Ploesiti Philharmonic Orchestra with the solo violin played by Cosmin Stoica.